Every time you ask Siri, “What are you doing?” it will give you a different, random reply. At instances, its answers are targeted on having enjoyable. At others, it seems exasperated and worn out, with responses like, “Oh, just answering more than ninety nine,000 questions per minute.”

Dan Kulin, public information officer for Clark County, tells me that yellow became the official color in 1980 because of easier-to-see directions. If the individual doesn’t need to inform Siri, you need to. Make sure that the individual doesn’t know what Siri will reply.

Of course, you already know the course of the prank and what Siri will answer, however you need to act aloof. If you ask Siri questions about the place to eat, it presents you with a list of local restaurants. But if you ask it to read you a story, poem, or joke, it is quick to make up excuses. A fire truck is a car that’s specifically designed, manufactured and equipped to answer fireplace, medical, hazmat and extrication emergencies.

Resurfaced on Reddit when a Reddit person, solely out of pure curiosity tried to unravel the explanation behind it they usually posted the answer by Siri. A severe question was answered as something so complicated that it misplaced all its meaning and rendered it to be ridiculous. The answer that you are trying to seek from Siri doesn’t really come ahead, as an alternative, it makes the individuals actually baffled as they can’t grasp the that means of the query. It doesn’t actually contact the primary query, not to mention answering it which is why it makes a great joke, as very few will perceive the pun that is inside the reply.

It makes informal references to nimbostratus, a sort of cloud. But after a quick look exterior, you may see that nimbostratus are precisely the type of clouds hanging above you. There does not exist a specific, universally-accepted reply to this question, but there are a few hypotheses as to the purple appearance of firetrucks. Red will be the conventional color of fireside engines, however human elements and ergonomics analysis finds that lime-yellow hearth which of the following would occur if solid nh4cl was added to an aqueous solution of nh3 vehicles are less prone to be involved in accidents. Many fire departments modified the colour of their vans to yellow since that’s the most seen colour to the human eye in an try to lower the number of accidents. In the tip the change in shade did lower the variety of accidents and a few fire departments went again to the traditional purple color.

We have compiled 20 smart-ass inquiries to ask SIRI that are guaranteed to be answered by her with a snarky reply. Some may need tried but for those who haven’t, go ahead and provides it a shot. Two occasions a question asking Siri to outline “mother” prompted a vulgar response, Apple users discovered Saturday. Siri confirmed, as of Sunday morning, that the word means as a noun, brief for’mother—er’, a request customers had asked for another definition of the word. An obvious cause is that yellow vehicles make up much of the Department’s shade scheme in Las Vegas.