I found this video of a dog that had been desensitized to nail clipping. It helps to explain what desensitization is and how it works.

This video is from the same site that first posted this post on my blog. It looks like the dog was trained to respond to the nail clipping and start whining. After the dog had been desensitized to the clip, one of the vets in the video says, “I’m not sure how the dog feels now, but I think it’s much better.

The clip doesn’t really show what happens to the dog, but I wonder if this would work for desensitization.

I think the video’s a bit misleading though; the dog is given a nail clipping, doesn’t whine, and then is simply let loose. The vet in the video says he doesn’t think the dog has any idea why he’s on Deathloop. It’s also important to mention that the clip was shown to the dog only on one side. The dog is given the nail clip on the right side, but the vet doesn’t comment on whether the clip makes the dog feel better or worse.

Yes. I know. I have a dog too.

The same can be said for dogs. As a newbie to desensitization, I too find it difficult to feel sorry for them. As a vet, I am not sure I would feel the same. However, I am not so sure about other dog owners either. I still feel a lot of responsibility when it come to my animals, but their behavior has improved tremendously since I started desensitizing them.

In fact, you don’t need to desensitize your dogs for them to get better. When a dog is desensitized, they can be much more compliant, less likely to fight, and easier to train. That’s because they are not actively trying to get you to kill them. A desensitized dog can be more forgiving of injuries, and less likely to bite in the first place.

Thats right. You dont need to put your dog on a leash every time you pick them up, but you do need to start picking them up every time. This is especially true if you plan to take them to a new location, or for long periods of time. Not only does it help your dog, it also helps you with your own control, and your own responsibility.

This also means that you never have to worry about them biting your dog. One of the best things about desensitizing your dog is that you dont have to worry about what happens to your dog when you kill them.

As if you don’t have enough to worry about, there are dogs that don’t like to be clipped. The biggest difference between a dog that is desensitized to clipping and one that doesn’t is that desensitized dogs will still have to be clipped, but will not always be happy to do so. For a dog that is desensitized to clipping, you will need to train them to do it.


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