If you aren’t a fan of the wooden business card case, we have a new offering that is just as easy to make and use. All you need is some dowel rods and a few pieces of wood. The dowel rods are what hold the card to your desk and are the perfect size to hold a business card. The wood pieces are what sit on top of the dowel rods and are what hold your card in place.

If you are a fan of the wooden business card case, we have a new video that shows just how easy it is to make and how much better it is than most of the other videos out there. What’s important here is that you can always make it easier to win over people who are trying to make things simpler.

I’m not a big fan of the “Woody Business Card Case.” The majority of the video is a great tutorial in how to make it, so if you’re a hardcore DIYer, you will be impressed. If you’re just a fan of the card case, then this video will help you figure out how to make a more efficient wooden business card case.

We made a wooden business card case to make it easy for someone like myself who is a bit of an amateur when it comes to business cards. I don’t think this video will help you if you’re not one of those people. What I do want to point out though, is that you can make a truly awesome business card case if you’d like. It’s a very simple step by step process, and the quality of the video does a great job of showing you the process.

In his first video, the guy making the business card case said that the best way to make a business card case is to use a wooden board that you glue onto the back of the card, then use a pen or pencil to draw the shape of the card, and then cut it out. The card is then glued onto the board, and the board is put into a box to keep it from bending.

You can make it with a variety of materials, from wood to plastic to metal, and the quality of your card will depend on what you use to glue it onto the board. The best way to make wooden business cards is to use a glue gun. I use my glue gun for a variety of types of materials when I make them. It is very simple and very effective.

If you don’t want your business cards to bend, just don’t glue them onto a board.

If you are using a glue gun, make sure to apply even pressure to the area you are gluing. If you aren’t sure what type of wood you are going to use, try using an ordinary glue. If you are using a glue gun, you can also use a small amount of water and apply a little pressure. The amount is very important. If you water down the glue, you often end up with glue that doesn’t stick to your wood, which is frustrating.

Wood is really easy to glue, and the glue will stick. If you don’t want your cards sticking to your wood, only glue them on flat. Otherwise you will end up wasting time and a lot of resources when you try to glue them on with glue, water, or nothing.

You could also try paint glue or stick to the wood with a little spray adhesive. The problem with glue is that it will probably take more effort to glue it to the wood than it will to paint it.


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