In the 2020-2021 Indian Super League (ISL) season, Kerala Blasters FC had a mixed performance, with some highs and lows throughout the tournament. If we look at the 2021 Kerala Blasters standings in ISL, the team finished in the 10th position out of 11 teams. Let’s dive deeper into their performance, key highlights, challenges faced, and the way forward.

Performance Overview

Kerala Blasters, one of the most popular teams in the ISL, had a rollercoaster season. They played a total of 20 matches, won 3, drew 11, and lost 6. They scored 23 goals and conceded 33, having a goal difference of -10. Their total points stood at 20 from the 20 matches played.

Key Highlights

  1. Team Spirit: Despite the challenging season, the team showed great unity and fighting spirit, never giving up even in difficult situations.

  2. Young Talent: Kerala Blasters showcased and provided opportunities to many young Indian talents, giving them a platform to shine.

  3. Memorable Wins: The team had some memorable victories during the season, showing glimpses of their true potential.

Challenges Faced

  1. Defensive Vulnerabilities: The team struggled defensively, conceding goals at critical moments in many matches.

  2. Inconsistency: Lack of consistency in performance and results plagued the team throughout the season.

  3. Injuries and Suspensions: Several key players faced injuries and suspensions, affecting the team’s cohesion and performance.

Way Forward

Looking ahead to the upcoming seasons, Kerala Blasters would need to address certain areas for improvement:

  1. Strong Recruitment: Acquiring quality players and strengthening key areas like defense and midfield will be crucial.

  2. Consistency: Working on maintaining a consistent level of performance throughout the season.

  3. Tactical Adaptability: Being adaptable in strategies and formations based on opponents and match situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many matches did Kerala Blasters play in the 2021 ISL season?

In the 2020-2021 ISL season, Kerala Blasters played a total of 20 matches.

2. What was Kerala Blasters FC’s final position in the 2021 ISL standings?

Kerala Blasters finished in the 10th position out of 11 teams in the 2021 ISL standings.

3. How many goals did Kerala Blasters score and concede in the 2021 ISL season?

Kerala Blasters scored 23 goals and conceded 33 goals, resulting in a goal difference of -10.

4. What were the major challenges faced by Kerala Blasters in the 2021 ISL season?

Kerala Blasters faced challenges related to defensive vulnerabilities, inconsistency in performance, and player injuries/suspensions during the 2021 ISL season.

5. What are the key areas of improvement for Kerala Blasters going forward?

Kerala Blasters need to focus on areas such as strong recruitment, consistency in performance, and tactical adaptability for future seasons.

6. Which young talents were notable performers for Kerala Blasters in the 2021 ISL season?

Players like Sahal Abdul Samad, Rahul KP, and Jeakson Singh were notable young talents who performed well for Kerala Blasters in the 2021 ISL season.

7. Did Kerala Blasters have any standout victories during the 2021 ISL season?

Kerala Blasters had memorable wins against strong teams like ATK Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC during the 2021 ISL season.

8. How did the fan support impact Kerala Blasters during the 2021 ISL season?

Despite facing challenges, the unwavering support of the fans played a significant role in boosting morale and motivation for the Kerala Blasters players.

9. What are the long-term goals for Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League?

Kerala Blasters aim to build a competitive team, challenge for top positions, and ultimately contend for the ISL title in the coming seasons.

In conclusion, while the 2021 ISL season may not have been the most successful for Kerala Blasters, the team has shown potential and resilience that can be harnessed for future success with the right strategies and improvements in place.


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