Time and again, the digitization of various business operations has proved to be very efficient. The same stands true for mystery shopping. This process needs the assistance of a digital inspection platform where hired professionals pretending to be shoppers can input their in-depth insights and record their experience.

By using a software platform, this inspection venture becomes more productive. Let us check how using a field software platform can make a huge difference for a multi-location service brand.

Factors improved by field service software

1. Building of service templates

The addition of a software platform makes designing templates a lot easier and more convenient. A user simply has to design the checklist and put it on the platform by using the simplest features. The new software platforms do not have a steep learning curve and even a non-technical person can design the templates.

2. Execution of service checklists

Once a template is designed by the software platform, it can be distributed to multiple points by means of the digital platform itself. All you need is access to the template of a field inspection form. The receivers can use the forms to input their ideas, experience, and in-depth insights regarding the visits. Hence, designing and executing an inspection venture is made easier at multiple levels.

3. Dashboard addition

The addition of a dashboard in the form design allows hired individuals to take action instantly. The dashboard gets faster updates and any new task is allotted instantly on the list. Hence, a user will get notified if any changes are made in the process. Hence, the change and implementation are both quickened.

4. Remote access

Due to the cloud technology used in the software platform, both the management and the inspection team can access the forms from anywhere. Even if the hired professionals are not in the targeted locations, they can still access the form and check the assigned tasks. The same can also be used for the recruited staff working on the business floor.

Remote access to the forms and questionnaires also allows a real-time monitoring process to add to the inspection operation. Inspection professionals can input real-time insights and flag issues instantly. It means the instant actions taken by the hired professionals will promote the proper interpretation of experience in the specified locations.

5. Metrics

The field service software can be operated using smart devices connected to the internet. It means there is no need for paperbound SOPs or protocols to follow. Inspection professionals can take it with them anywhere. It also allows the user to generate data-driven reports to build actionable insights and make the business processes better.


Such usefulness of field inspection service can be availed of when you hire the right mystery shopping company. Look into the industry experience of a service provider. Check its provisions and templates. Give a trial run and then hire the most suitable option. Check the compatibility of your inspection plan with the field service software and then hire a service provider to ensure better outcomes.


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